It’s been a very long week

We’ve got a couple more jobs lined up thus we’ll be on the road again heading to Atlanta .

I started working with Property Decon about 5 years ago… The training was very comprehensive but still was not sufficient to prepare me for the things that I’ve seen through recent years.

I will not easily forget one scene…

We see the victims being interviewed, trying to hold back tears because they attempt to comprehend what happened. This case in particular, there is no question who did it .

The depressing part is there’s not any family left to speak up for one another, not from this family anyway.

“Jim D.”  was proven to have a serious drinking problem that resulted in numerous domestic violence reports being filed.

The authorities have been to this house repeatedly.

The narrative was generally the same, that he got drunk in his favourite pub, came back house yelled at and struck his wife.  Even occasionally be passed from the time the authorities got there.

The neighbors had left the calls two or three days when they heard the crying and shouting. They feared for this household.

For some reason Mrs D. never left Jim D., though it would appear she’d be reluctant to stay together with him after all he’d done.

Nobody appears to understand what made Jim D. go off this last time, seems he got drunker than normal. This time he did not smack anyone shout or around or move out. This time he shot his wife and two children point blank and then turned it on himself.

No witnesses to describe what occurred, no clear motive.

No warnings that this would finish this way. Each of them died horrible deaths in this house, blood everywhere.

To guarantee appropriate decontamination of this scene, a professional scene clean up company ought to be used.

Human feces, feces, and blood cleanup pose a substantial threat to human health.

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