Suicide in Atlanta

People today take their own lives for a lot of reasons…

As I have seen working at the cleaning industry, but there appears to be one which stands out among the rest… cash.

A couple of weeks earlier, my office received a telephone call from a really nice older lady who wanted our bloodstream removal solutions following the passing of her husband. The area has been situated in a rural neighborhood, with every home we passed occupying a massive slice of property some with cows or horses, a few with rows and rows of pecan trees lining the driveway. Pulling up in front we found ourselves looking at a really charming country home, finish with a tire swing lightly swaying from the shadow of a huge pine tree. The windmill of a little water pump creaked gently as we made our way to where our customer stood, only at the base of a brief flight of stairs that led up into a huge wrap around porch.

Her husband was a very simple guy, that suited her just fine, but he’d felt bound to supply his family with a particular quality of life. He put a great deal of pressure on himself to be the trusted one, then one that always made things occur. For 41 years of marriage, he was an outstanding husband and dad, raising a lot of kids and finally grandchildren. However, when he learned he was afflicted by a rare type of pancreatic cancer, he’d spent all his time fretting about the way he was going to leave his loved ones to take care of his illness as it improved along with the catastrophic fiscal price his therapy. He simply could not survive, or die, knowing that he’d become a burden for his family who he did not want to leave destitute.

He chose to do exactly what his dad did with their previous hound dogs after they’d reached the end of the line… He waited to get his wife to depart bible study, he then took his classic revolver, and a glass of tea, and went outside to sit on their porch swing to watch the sun go down on the hills. Afterward, he pulled a last love note for his wife from his pocket and put it with him on the swing, he then set the gun into his temple and pulled the trigger. My heart felt for this courageous little girl who talked with understanding and love regardless of the finality of that which her husband had chosen to perform. The years of the lives spent in her head, had given him the right to determine the conditions of his own passing.

His decision to perform it on the front porch appeared to talk of a thoughtful personality… he’d committed the action in a spot that made cleanup incredibly simple to wash, and we immediately get rid of any hint of his closing action. As we left the house, I needed to grin. Looking around I saw signs of a life well lived… images of family members and friends, memorabilia of places traveled, military honors for service to our nation… We may have erased all signs of his passing, but I understood he had constructed a life which wouldn’t be forgotten irrespective of his bodily existence. Blood and other bodily fluids may contain dangerous pathogens that pose a substantial threat to human health.

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