Biohazards & Bugs

Property Decon Pros has the experience and equipment to completely remedy and decontaminate any property in which a biohazard contamination has happened.

Trying to wash out the wake of an accident, murder or unattended death can be exceedingly harmful to a person’s health, and of course it is a traumatic experience.

When a family attempts to do the cleanup themselves they discover that they’re overwhelmed with what should be done in order to bring a house or business to be habitable again.

The odor is simply one of the many surprises the untrained cleaner isn’t ready for… with a single recent telephone call we received, it had been the bugs that drove the family to seek help.

Apparently, a woman kept to herself and had no occupation. It was just after almost 3 months of no contact, that somebody discovered her body.

Dead at 36 out of a huge brain aneurysm. The body of this female was in complete decomposition, and after the body had been removed, the family of the deceased had worked together to remedy the house to be put on the market.

That is when we had been called. It is never a good idea to try to clean up a death that has happened. Blood borne pathogens are a serious risk, also in cases with drug overdoses, there are risks with all the paraphernalia and residues to think about.

In instances such as this one, the complex state of decomp poses severe health risks that need appropriate decontamination before resale or rehab can happen. There were numerous bugs in that little space that it was overwhelming. Literally tens of thousands of fly carcasses which needed removed.

We eliminated any hint or odor of death. The flies left their way into a giant body bag known as biohazard bag!

If you want scene cleanup and decontamination advice, have questions about your payment options, which decon processes your existing insurance coverage or need our scene cleanup solutions immediately, do not hesitate to call us!